Jason Statham plays it Safe.

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Movies Crimezine Film
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Safe-move-Jason Statham

Who you calling follicly challenged?

Hot on the heels of last years remake of the Mechanic we get Safe, Now Crimezine isn’t suggesting that Safe is a remake of Bruce Willis film Mercury Rising, but there are a number of interesting [erhem] parallels.

For a start off Crimezine favorite Statham is a man, who like Willis, gave new hope to the follicly challenged. Like Willis, he has a screen persona built on wise cracks and fisty-cuffs. Unlike Willis he did not star in Pulp Fiction. However in new movie Safe he plays a disgraced fighter who has blown out on a rigged fight, sound familiar?

So with that in mind we can now follow Statham around NYC while he protects twelve-year-old child prodigy Mei from a motley assortment of Russian mobsters, Triads and Corrupt Cops. Naturally young savant Mei has a photographic memory in which she has secreted a complex numerical code the bad guys want. Feel the Mercury rising yet Crimeziners—or is it boiling out the top of the thermometer?

Expect bruised knuckles and publicity pictures in which the top of Statham’s noggin is strategically missed off. C’mon Hollywood who you trying to kid? Jase may be a slap-head but is our slap-head and we love him. Besides, you could strike a whole book of matches on that chin, without him even noticing. Could you say the same about Bruce Willis?

 Safe hits Theatres nationwide March first. 2012 Europe waits til April

  1. Jimbo says:

    Statham rocks all else is C**cks

  2. tonybulmer says:

    A fine sentiment Jimbo if only…Still it is indisputable that Mr Statham does indeed rock. Crimezine trusts you will be wearing your Bruce Willis Singlet to see this one?

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