Crimezine takes a look at the The Lineup edited by Otto Penzler

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Crime Writers
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Tee Line Up

Line Up is Hot!

It is rare that Crimezine Chum Lee child makes recommendations. So when the mild mannered Brummy got on the Bat Phone from his New York eerie and advised us about The Line Up Crimezine immediately sat to attention poolside, almost spilling a soothing glass of delicious breakfast Cognac in the process.

The Line Up, or to give it its full title The World’s Greatest Crime Writers tell the inside Story of Their Great Detectives, is edited by crime fiction legend Otto Penzler the brains behind NYC’s truly awesome Mysterious Bookshop.

Crimeziners will no doubt have heard of Otto and his tireless dedication to all things crime fictional, either way, this collection offers deft and fascinating insights into the worlds of your favorite crime fiction characters and the authors who created them.

We get offerings from Robert Crais, Michael Connelly, Jeffery Deaver, and the legendary Kellerman Dynasty. We also get welcome contributions from Brit super star Ian Rankin and the chain-smoking Child, as well as a host of other writers, some of whom you may know and others—well this is the kind of book that will lead you in the direction of new favorites. And you just know that if Otto thinks a writer is worth inclusion—we are talking hot tamales with extra chili sauce Crimeziners! You heard it. This book is Hot, hot, hot!

Don’t forget to wash down with a three-fingered cheerer of you favorite tipple and enjoy. Tell ’em Crimezine sent ya!


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