Leonardo Di Caprio: Catch Me If You Can

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Movies Crimezine Film
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Abagnale and DICaprio

Di Caprio meets the REAL Frank Abagnale in the film Catch me if you Can

Crimeziners who had their interest piqued by Crimezines review of Frank Abagnale’s book Stealing Your Life may be interested in tuning into the home of cable crime TNT on Friday March 9 at 9pm eastern, where you can catch up with the movie Catch Me If You Can starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Boyish Leo stars as Frank W. Abagnale Jr.  a 16-year-old high school student who finds himself emotionally cut adrift when his mother, Paula (Nathalie Baye), leaves his father, Frank Abagnale Sr. (Christopher Walken), after Frank Sr. falls into arrears with the Internal Revenue Service.

Young Frankie witnesses Frank Sr. attempting to pass himself off as a substitute teacher. A small subterfuge that gives young Frank big ideas. Pretty soon Frank is passing himself off as an airline pilot, a doctor, and an attorney. Along the way, he learns how to become a master forger, using his talent & charm to cash 2.5 million dollars in phony checks. Frank’s increasingly audacious work soon attracts the attention of Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks), an FBI agent determined to put Frank behind bars. The movie is a crazy romp, untroubled by the actual facts of the case which the real Abagnale, now a middle aged father of three, admits were somewhat jazzed up for the movie. Still no matter, that’s Hollyweird for ya Crimeziners and it does not stop this movie being popcorn munching fun.  Set DVRs now!


  1. jimbo says:

    Leonardo de Caprio? You musst be losing your touch crimezine! Ha Ha !

  2. tonybulmer says:

    Chillax jimbo, Crimezine under stands that a Crank marathon is on the cards. Deep breaths until then…

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