Crimezine mounts a stewards inquiry into HBO series Luck

Posted: March 20, 2012 in TV Crime
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Dustin Hoffman-Luck

Crime shows die all the time…

No one likes a horse killer. Or as Oscar Wilde might have said: to lose one horse might be regarded as misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness; but to lose three makes you look like Atilla the Hun’s horse killing second-cousin Fritz.

Crimeziners will no doubt of heard on the wire, that an unfortunate spate of horse deaths on the set of HBO gangsters with gee-gees debacle Luck, has resulted in the show getting unceremoniously canned.

The unfortunate events have lead to much finger pointing, which has created more drama than the glacial and unfathomable plot of the show its self.  Non-profit watchdog the American Humane Association has been bleating that many of its production recommendations were ignored, which has led to a savage mauling of the AHA’s industry bias by beard loving vegans PETA, who have alleged that many of the horses used on the show were unfit for purpose. Insiders have suggested that some of the nags on the show were so past their sell by date they would have had trouble getting in a tin of puppy-chow let alone a horse race at Santa Anita.

Crimezine suspects the truth is more complex. The ratings for the show have been abysmal, less than half a million for many episodes and the cast, while magnificent, have been hamstrung by the convoluted plot and an overly stylistic presentation, which presents disjointed mumbling dialogue as a realism.

Then of course, there is the graduate himself—and while the great man is almost beyond reproach as an acting megastar, Crimezine wishes the diminutive genius hadn’t used the Michael Corleone stick up the jacksie routine in every scene. Whilst certain cast members were almost comatose, others appeared over animated, the crazy rail-rat crew being a case in point.

Crimezine has also heard rumors on Hollyweird Boulevard, that there was a distinct Too many cooks spoil the broth problem in the production department, which has come as no surprise to many commentators. Veteran writer Elmore Leonard was famously influenced by a production experience with Hoffman when he wrote the classic tale of crime fiction movie-dom Get Shorty.

Attendance at horse races has been dropping off dramatically in recent years—a world where horses die regularly. It therefore seems fitting that Luck, a show so dependant on horse racing should die in such a dramatic and sudden way.

The final show episode of Luck will air March 25 2012 in the US.

  1. Don Straiko says:

    I really liked the show, it had a real balance of great actors. It was interesting how gamblers think and how they put things together. I think with all the expertise HBO has, they could figure out how to do this show using real race videos. Perhaps HBO can get more into the casinos life and like all casinios they have a multitude of televisions showing horse racing all over the world. There is so many ways they can save this show its crazy to give this up. I just cannot beleive this show cannot be saved and even made better than the first 9 episodes comeon writers/HB0 get with it.

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