Crimezine is crazy about Jo Nesbø’s Headhunters

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Movies Crimezine Film
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Jo Nesbø is the hot new Norwegian crime commodity, and in the massive vacuum that has been left by the death of Stieg, Girl with a Dragon Tattoo Larsson, it would seem that sick-puppy superstar Jo Nesbø is the only man with a crazy enough back catalogue of work to fill the Hollyweird demand for Scandinavian crime.

Jo Nesbø is rightly famous for his marvelous Harry Hole series and Martin Scorsese is currently turning Nesbø’s serial-killing Snowman book into what will no doubt be a top flight Hollywood money spinner.

Meanwhile subtitle loving Crimeziners will be able to get a preliminary taste of Nesbø’s penchant for gruesome craziness in the new Norweigian film Headhunters.

Headhunters is Nesbø’s first standalone work—so no Harry Hole this time out Crimeziners, but corporate crook Roger Brown (Aksel Hennie) more than makes up for this.

Roger is living a double life: He is Norway’s most accomplished headhunter by day, while secretly he is a high-end art thief, struggling to subsidize a life he cannot afford. When Roger’s beautiful gallery owner wife introduces him to a former mercenary with a priceless Rubens painting, our hero just cannot help himself.

This is a gloriously gruesome European crime romp. Think Carl Hiassen Patricia Highsmith and maybe a touch of Chuck Phalahnuick for an end result that is total Nesbø. Crimezine recommends this film whole-heartedly. See it now before it gets remade by Hollyweird marketeers.

  1. jimbo says:

    This is a amazing movie go C it

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