Harbor Nocturne: On The Waterfront with Joseph Wambaugh

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Crime Fiction Books, Crime Writers
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Michael-Connelly-Joseph Wambaugh

Wambaugh & Connelly at Musso & Franks, Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

It has been a busy week in Los Angeles. Crime writing legend Joseph Wambaugh, the man behind The New Centurions, The Choirboys and The Onion Field, has just released the fifth book in his acclaimed Hollywood Station series.

Entitled Harbor Nocturne, the novel focuses on the Southern Los Angeles harbor district of San Pedro. [pronounced Peeedro] The book follows the continuing adventures of midwatch regulars Flotsam & Jetsam and Hollywood Nate Weiss, and also features the tribulations of star-crossed lovers Lita Medina, a young Mexican dancer and her longshoreman squeeze Dinko Babich.

Wambaugh has been up in LA this week [He now lives in San Diego] to publicize the novels imminent release. Crimeziners will be no doubt be interested to hear that Crimezine favorite Michael Connelly conducted an epic chat with Wambaugh. at famed Hollywoood Boulevard writer’s hangout Musso and Frank’s at the

Joseph Wambaugh-Harbor-nocturne

Harbor Nocturne

behest of the LA Times. Crimeziners with strong stomachs should check out the moaning man section of the interview, at the link below where Wambaugh relates a gruesome incident that first appeared in his book the Choirboys.

Wambaugh says that he interviewed over fifty cops for this book, and as ever the tales he relates are all true—just blended together into a seamless story. Wambaugh says he likes to focus on characterization and let his plot evolve as he goes along without any plot or outline.

MysteriousPress.com has just published nine of Wambaughs back catalog reads in ebook format: The Black Marble, The Glitter Dome, The Blooding, The Delta Star, Finnegan’s Week, Floaters, Fugitive Nights, The Golden Orange, and Lines and Shadows The books are available for sale through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Sony.




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