Crimezine exclusive: Sleepless Night

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Movies Crimezine Film
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Sleepless night—quite literally

Bonsoir Crimeziners, as we settle in for another pipe and slippers evening on Mulholland Drive, it is time to celebrate the craziest crime movie we have seen this year: Drugs, Kidnapping and Frenchie fist-fight craziness? It has to be International crime sensation Sleepless Night, written and Directed by Fredric Jardin the movie from Lauranne Bourrachot and Marco Cherqui of Chic Films is rapidly shaping up to be crime-house hit of the year.

Crimezine loves this movie—so good it is already being remade by Warner Brothers for the American market by producer Roy Lee, who’s big league success with crime masterpiece The Departed will certainly boost the box office.

Sleepless Night is the tale of a corrupt undercover cop Vincent (Tomer Sisley) and his bid to save his kidnapped son from the drug-lord owner of nightclub Le Tarmac. (Serge Riaboukine). Vincent is desperate, sloppy and more than a little crazy. He loses his only bargaining chip early on—a duffel bag full of cocaine that he and his corrupt partner stole from the crooks.

Vincent then spends the rest of a fraught and suspenseful night in combat with two different sets of drug dealers, two fellow officers—one who’s trying to bust him and another who’s more corrupt than he is—and assorted bouncers bartenders, and bystanders.

Stylish Cinematography from Clint Eastwood favorite Tom Stern keeps us entertained throughout, a kitchen scene where everything becomes weaponized is particularly entertaining.

So head down to the artsy part of town and be subtitle ready, you are really going to love this one.


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