Harlan Coben: I Love Lucy

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Crime Writers
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Harlan Coben and Lucy the elephant

Crimeziners who have read the latest Harlan Coben best-seller, Stay Close, will no doubt  remember that much of the novel is located in the charming locale of Atlantic City,  New Jersey. Judging from Coben’s dark and mysterious description of the place, it is the kind of holiday location where a big coat and a Glock seventeen would come in useful. Coben sent Crimezine this picture however, which contradicts  the described gloominess in the book.

Turns out Atlantic City is a regular Disneyland on Sea, with rides for the kiddies and everything. No doubt Coben chum and NJ Governor Chris guess my weight Christie, persuasively asked America’s greatest Mystery writer to set the record straight regarding the many fun-packed frolics to be had on the Jersey shoreline, that do not involve tanning, the gym, or doing the laundry.

So behold, a picture of Lucy the Elephant, the location where Cobies housewife protagonist hooked up with her former squeeze in the aforementioned pulse raiser Stay Close. Crimezine pictured a rusting hulk that resembled the wreck of doomed cruise liner The Titanic: How wrong we were Crimeziners, how wrong we were.

Eagle eyed Crimeziners may be able to spot the pin sized figures of Coben and his young sproglet astride the saddle of this gaily coloured creature, proof positive that the fun never ends out East.

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