Kiss me Deadly: Crimezine thrills to a Noirtastic weekend of classic Crime at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Movies Crimezine Film
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Crimezine Kiss me Deadly

Noir Classic: Kiss Me Deadly

Noirtastic greetings Crimeziners. Those clever cats and kittens at LACMA’s Bing Audotorium are at it again, screening a veritable plethora of pulse pounding noir classics over the next two weeks.

Star of the show: a screening of Robert Aldrich’s sensational crime classic Kiss Me Deadly, followed by The Crimson Kimono. Saturday we get Experiment in Terror followed by Criss Cross & “M”.

Those of you who want to avoid the quadruple header Sports traffic cataclysm, caused by the confluence of the Kings, Clippers, Lakers games and the street closure cycle race thrills, can make a date for 6/25/12 for The Damned Don’t Cry followed by Slightly Scarlet, then on the 26th there is a truly spectacular triple bill showing of Murder By Contract, Nightfall and The Prowler. You lucky people.

For those Crimeziners who do not live in Los Angeles. The above mentioned movies are essential examples of 1950’s Noir at it’s best. If you have to stream just one from the internet, let it be the edgy and hard hitting Kiss Me Deadly based on the Mickey Spillane novel .

When you see it, let us know if you think Quentin Tarantino ripped of the Pandora’s box scene, where Mike Hammer opens the  box he finds in the bottom of the Hollywood gym locker and it gives of a blinding light. Coincidence or Pulp Fiction?

Sadly, many of these films are not currently available on DVD, so if you love crime and film noir, it is high time you petitioned head of the Noir Film Foundation Eddie Muller the “Czar of Noir” Tell him Crimezine sent you.

Go Lakers! RIP Mulholland resident retro hair primper Vidal Sassoon.


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