Michael Connelly Pitches for Tampa Bay Crimezine Ducks and Covers

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Crime Writers
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Crimezines favorite Floridian Michael Connelly has just sent us this gratuitous picture of himself, pitching for his home team Tampa Bay


Crimezines favorite Floridian Michael Connelly

against the mighty Boston Red Sox at Tropicana field. Despite the able assistance of Conners, the Sox trounced the Rays by a decisive 5-3. Chin-up and onwards Conners—The defeat will no doubt provide good practice for the next time the Rays meet the mighty Los Angeles Dodgers. Chortle.

On the subject of Florida, the boyish Carl Hiaasen recently wrote Crimezine a strongly worded letter of complaint, stating that Michael Connelly isn’t the only F****** crime writer in F***** Florida, for F**** sake. Quite right: Jimbo 18 holes and a couple of mini-thrillers before Lunch Patterson is also a known resident. Teasing. Crimezine loves the fresh faced and somewhat unpronounceable Mr. Hiaasen too, in fact we would go as far as to say that he is our favorite proponent of satirical crime fiction based in Florida. Although we did read a good Hemingway outline about giant Alligators eating bales of marijuana…Double teasing, that was Elmore Leonard.

For those Crimeziners who believe Elmore Leonard  lives in Florida—No: He hails from Bloomfield Village, Michigan—he only writes about Florida. Gold Coast? Freezing Coast more like!


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