Crimezine Exclusive: Michael Connelly to release Black Box, his latest installment of the Harry Bosch Saga

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Crime Fiction Books
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Michael Connelly,Black Box

Black Box

Not wishing to be outdone by the recent injury of crime-writing compadre Robert “Hop Along” Crais; Michael Connelly has exclusively revealed to Crimezine that the latest installment of his LA detective series featuring Hieronymous Harry Bosch will be called Black Box.

The book spans a twenty-year period that has its genesis in the notorious LA riots of 1992.

The mysterious tale centers on the murder of a young female photojournalist in riot torn South Central. Natch, Harry is on the scene to investigate, but in the chaos of looting arson and murder, the case is reassigned to the Riot Crimes Task Force, who fumble the investigation.

But Bosch is a man who never forgets a thing especially an unsolved murder and as time and circumstances change Bosch is confronted with ballistics evidence that shows that the murder of the journalist was anything but a random act of violence.

The only way Bosch can crack the case is by painstakingly re-assembling the decades old clues that will lead him to a killer.

Sadly you will have to wait until the fall to discover what happens as the current release date for Black Box is set for November 2012


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