Bro: a new film with Danny Trejo

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Movies Crimezine Film
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Bro Beau Manley Crimezine

Beau Manley: unafraid of death in all its many forms

Crimezine love, love, loves Danny Trejo, anyone who was stuck in San Quentin with Eddie Bunker is all right by us. On the straight and narrow now, the shockingly hard bitten Trejo has played various versions of himself in a number of classic movies such as Robbo Rodriguez’s stunning and hilarious Machete.

Trouble with exploitation movies is they don’t get tuned up by a director  like Rodriguez—a man with an eye and ear for classic irony, you are liable to get a hideous misfire.

Such is the case with the latest Trejo movie. We are invited into a high flying thrill-ride world of Freestyle motocross, where riders Beau Manley and Colin Scummy Morrison get caught up in what is described by the studio as: A high stakes lifestyle of drugs, gangs, hot cars, sizzling women and big money. All this and our heros are expected to: Keep pace with their extreme sport. Aw, shucks, a day job too—Bummer!

Phew! It is a wonder these young men and women have time to cram for College. None of these cats and kittens are going to College however—hell no—they are taking it to the red line and beyond, into a world of baggy trousers crooked baseball caps and dialogue so cheesy you could slap it on top of a char-broiled pattie.

A brave try by writer director Nick Parada but he has done nothing more than create an R-rated version of BMX Bandits.

Word to the wise Nick, fast living is always more fun first hand.


And the winner of the ugly contest is…

  1. Harsh review. I don’t believe you have seen the movie.I have and it brings it home,

    • tonybulmer says:

      Harken, the jangling cash filled pockets of the Hollyweird publicist. Nice try Charles, a real chestnut, but Crimezine fears you will need all the chestnuts you can get to stuff this thanksgiving turkey of a movie.

      We offer serious critiques for serious efforts, all others will be harshly and cruelly mocked. Dollars to donuts the general release figures will bear out our opinions. If not we will give your next film a better review, but you better make damn sure it is not a hyperbolic thrill ride of high stakes cliche and teenage gormlessness.

      Keep reading Crimeziner

  2. Tony, did you make it to the premier? Was a full house and the movie has been extended another weekend with more screens on the table.

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