Crimezine Exclusive: Crais foot injury latest

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Crime Writers
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Robert Crais-Crimezine

Robo-Crais puts his mutilated foot on the famous desk

As Crimezine reported exclusively last week, Mulholland resident Robert Keep the noise down Crais was horribly injured in a dog walking accident of frankly staggering proportions. Doctors have described the injury as: a twisted tootsie, with tenderized tendon torqueing.

Crimezine has been literally inundated with get well soon messages, wishing America’s Greatest living Detective writer a speedy recovery. By way of a thank you Bob has forwarded us yet another photo of the hideous injury: Behold, a giant Robo-Cop style foot cast, that looks suspiciously like a ski boot.

Eagle-eyed Crimeziners will notice that Crais has ‘humorously’ adorned the Robo-Boot with a Joe Pike style red Arrow. Note also the strategically placed crutches.

Craisies everywhere will be delighted to hear that Bob will be up and about in a few short weeks: no doubt charging around the neighborhood in his skin tight lycra-jogging wear as per usual.

Even neighborhood grouch Jack Nicholson is missing Bonzo Bob and his pack of slavering attack dogs. You seen that guy who looks like Cesar Milan the Prizzi’s Honor star inquired of Crimezine at a recent neighborhood watch meeting. Indeed we have sir, watch this space for further updates.



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