Robert Crais has new standalone novel Suspect awaiting publication

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Crime Fiction Books, Crime Writers
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Crimezine-Robert Crais-Suspect

Robert Crais: Suspect

Crimezine favorite Robert, hop along, Crais has, we are pleased to report completed his latest crime masterwork. Entitled Suspect, the book introduces two new characters, Scott an LAPD officer, who’s partner has been murdered and Maggie a USMC patrol dog who lost her handler in Afghanistan.

Scott and Maggie join forces as an LAPD K9 team. Considered damaged goods by colleagues Scott and Maggie have no one but each other, and develop an intense friendship where they both learn to love and trust again. As the relationship builds between man and dog, the two unlikely heros set about discovering who murdered Scott’s partner Stephanie.

Crais’s previous standalone works Demolition Angel, and Hostage, which was made into a movie staring Bruce Willis, were both excellent, and the great man has obviously been listening to Crimezines neighborly advice to take a break from the Elvis Cole Saga. Speaking of which, Crimeziners who have been hesitant to read the Joe Pike novels First Rule and Sentry should head to the book shop now, as they are both winners and offer fascinating new insights to Joe Pike and his relationship with Elvis Cole. Cole fans will be pleased to know that LA’s most jocular Private Eye features heavily in both books—from a third person viewpoint, which is offers a whole new perspective on the Cole/Pike saga.

Regular Crimeziners will not be surprised that Crais has finally succumbed to the temptation to release a dog related book. Often mistaken on Mulholland Drive, for pooch whisperer Cesar Millan, Bonzo Bob can regularly be seen pounding the pavement, followed by his pack of slavering attack dogs.  A sight that has become rarer of late due to the infamous twisted tootsie incident—which Crimezine has reported on at length in previous postings.

We can assure you that Bob is on the mend now and is looking forward to the release of  Suspectin January 2013.

Robert Crais: A dogs best friend…

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