Michael Connelly’s Mullholland Dive

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Crime Fiction Books
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What’s this Crimeziners Conner’s taking a pop at The world famous Mulholland Drive, headquarters of the legendary Michael-ConnellyCrimezine? No doubt questions will be asked at the highest level at the next neighborhood watch meeting.

No need to get apoplectic though, the ‘dive’ in question refers to an investigator who deciphers the hidden codes of accident scenes and his investigation of a fatality on Los Angeles’ most legendary roadway. The short story was published first in 2007,

Two other stories accompany Mulholland Dive, First up, Two-Bagger, the story of an obsessed cop tailing an ex con who he believes to be a contract-killer. While, Cahoots, is the tale of a backroom poker game that turns deadly, when a cheater is exposed—sounds like a night out around Mulholland resident Jack Nicholson’s place.

These latest Connelly masterworks, although previously published appear together her for the first time in E-book format and audio formats, they join Conner’s other excellent short story collections Suicide Run, Angle of Investigation and The Safe Man.

Whaddya mean you haven’t got an e-reader yet! What do you think this is, the 1930’s? Whether it is Kindle, Nook, or the latest i-thing from those nice people at Apple, get one now and you will be able to download cool crime from both established authors and newer cutting edge writers. The latest Conners e-book is around three bucks.

This collection will be available in the US and Canada on September 4, in the UK and Ireland on October 4, and in Australia and New Zealand in October.


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