Mob Doctor: Crimezine investigates the new primetime crime and medicine hybrid from Fox

Posted: September 22, 2012 in TV Crime
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Mob Doctor

Here come the autumn schedules Crimeziners, and as ever, those nice people at Fox are crimetime leaders when it comes to new breaking crime shows. Top of this seasons offerings is the crime and medicine hybrid Mob Doctor.

We would have just love, love, loved to have been at the production pitch meet for this show—

FOX: We want a crime show involving the mafia but with the main-stream appeal of a medical drama what you got?

Josh Berman and Rob Wright: How about Sopranos meets ER?

FOX: Sold! Make sure all the actors are cute though.

Josh Berman and Rob Wright: Natcheroooo!

Jordana Spiro is the pulchritudinous lead in Mob doctor, she plays the fabulously named Grace Devlin [Angel or demon—GEDDIT?]. Spiro, you will no doubt have seen before, in the ill fated Harry’s Law. She also appeared in a multi-episode arc of Dexter. Spiro is likeable and charismatic and the show revolves around her split allegiance to the Chicago Mob and the Hippocratic oath—will she betray her personal and professional integrity to stop her lame-brain brother being toasted by the Chicago mob?

The brother is such a spineless, whining, crybaby, most people would give him up to Mob in a second, but not our Gracie… and this is where her problems start.

The Capo figure, Constantine Alexander, is played by crime-veteran William Forsythe, who has starred in many highly rated crime shows from CHiPs, to Hill Street Blues. He also starred as mobster Al Capone, in the’90s revival of the classic ’60s crime show, The Untouchables. Recently Forsythe gained critical acclaim, playing butcher Manny Horowitz in Boardwalk Empire. But perhaps more interestingly, he is starring as Jake LaMotta in the forthcoming Raging Bull II.

Other stand out performances, come from Wendy Makkena, as Grace’s Mom Daniella Devlin and Zach Gifford, as goody-two-shoes love interest Dr.Brett Robinson.

The real star of this show however, is young Gracie’s moral dilemma. What ever will the nasty gangsters ask her to do next? Judging from the first episode, where she had to remove a screwdriver from a gangster’s head and ‘kill’ a federal witness, the Mob Doctor will be up against it big time.



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