Crimezine announces Robert Crais recovery

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Crime Writers
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Robert Crais, Hollywood

Robert Crais, and the City of Angels

Crimezine is pleased to report that Bonzo Bob Crais is once more up and about again after his recent brush with death on a snake infested Hollyweird mountainside.

As exclusively reported in Crimezine, Mulholland Drives most famous detective writer has been bed ridden for literally months, after a quite grusome dog walking injury. resulted in him being stretchered off the sun-zorched mountain, where he and his ever attendant pack of slavering attack dogs were enjoying a constitutional stroll.

Thankfully Crimezine neighbor Crais is out of the danger zone and has once again been making a menace of himself in the neighborhood. As a testament to the great man’s healthful recovery we would like to share a picture of Bob standing triumphant atop  Mount Lee. Eagle-eyed Crimeziners may be able to spot the H of the Hollyweird sign directly behind Bob.

Note also,  Lake Hollywood in the near distance and the Hollywood dam, scene of many marvelous movie moments, most recently in the Martin McDonagh movie Seven Psychopaths, where two crooks conjecture about someone who got shot in the eye. Crimezine assumes the two reprobates were talking about notorious mobster Benjamin, ‘Don’t call me Bugsy ’Segal. who got popped June 20th 1947 in Beverly Hills.

Still, Crimeziners and Craisies everywhere will be pleased to learn that Bob is well on the road to a full, if somewhat gimpy recovery, and his latest standalone novel Suspect is due for release in January 2013.



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