Jack Reacher: A Wanted Man

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Crime Fiction Books
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Jack Reacher, A Wanted Man

Lee Child: the tallest crime writer in the NBA

We like Jack Reacher here at Crimezine. You cannot help but like the poor chap, he has spent fifteen long years chasing through backwoods America coming into close quarters contact with a whole host of cracker barrel criminals, tobacco chawing Sheriffs and big government bad guys of all descriptions.

Wanted Man is the 17th Reacher outing in which we catch the Military cop turned hobo hitching across icy Nebraska in the dead of night. But wouldn’t you know it, the first ride he gets is with a car full of folks who are as bad as bad can be.

Murder? Kidnap? The Feds? The CIA? Nasty foreigners and a not so innocent mother? How does it all fit together? Will it all fit together?

Lee Child is a master of suspense. He has a very real talent for stretching the endless Midwestern night into a tantalizing eternity. There will be roiling storm clouds, inclement weather and colorful characters aplenty. And all the while, the ever perceptive Reacher, will be storing a case-file of astute micro-observations in readiness for his unique brand of fist-flavored justice.

Naturally there will be glamorous female law enforcement professionals, and Wanted Man is no exception in that respect. Here we are treated to not one, but two saucy FBI agents, though uncharacteristically Reacher fails to get to first base with either of them, perhaps the threat of a Bad Sex Award for the train tracks scene in last years The Affair cooled Reacher’s ardor somewhat?

Never fear though Crimeziners, Reacher is more a fighter than a lover, and he doesn’t disappoint here. After thwarting the latest Cockamamie conspiracy to derail the great American dream, our hero leaves a trail of guts and cranial matter so deep and squelchy, that the carpet will have to be changed out in literally every room. Hurrah!

Meanwhile, Crimezine has been inundated with complaints regarding the ongoing Cruise as Reacher controversy. The casting of Lilliputian Luvvie Tom Cruise as Crime fictions most famous tall person, has led to a quite unprecedented level of outrage amongst Crimeziners of all descriptions.

As Crimezine reported exclusively, Cruise is starring in the forthcoming Hollyweird interpretation of Reacher novel One Shot, or Jack Reacher as Paramount is now imaginatively calling the forthcoming project.  But the casting choice of elvish action hero Cruise, as the NBA sized Reacher has been greeted with disbelief by many.

Even crime writing bazillionaire, and put–put golf champion Jimbo Patterson has weighed in to the controversy, smugly comparing the casting  of Reacher to the altogether more appropriate, if somewhat dull appointment of Tyler Perry as Alex Cross. [Crimezine assumes Denzel Washington was unavailable].

For the record, Crimezine thinks Liam Neeson would have been a much more appropriate choice as Reacher. But what about Lee Child himself? Crimezine can exclusively reveal that the word from Lee Child’s New York eerie is that NYC’s tallest crimewriter wholeheartedly approves of Cruise. He also revealed to Crimezine that The Strength and Size of Reacher, as described in the novels, was meant to be interpreted as a metaphor for Reacher’s uncompromising mentality.

So now you know.

But, for those of you who haven’t read Reacher yet, maybe the rollicking new Cruise film will be the catalyst to get you started on this very entertaining series of crime fiction thrillers. Killing Floor is the first in the series. Read it today.


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