Crimezine catches Tom Cruise, as Jack Reacher

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Movies Crimezine Film
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Lee Child (seated) Cameos in Jack Reacher

Lee Child (seated) cameos in Jack Reacher

Happy Holidays Crimeziners. And Jack Reacher the movie is with us at last. Adapted from The Lee Child novel One Shot this movie is an entertaining and suspenseful must-see for crime fans everywhere.

As Crimezine predicted many months ago size does not matter, when it comes to the diminutive Cruise’s portrayal of Lee Child’s fast-thinking–hard-hitting hero, because despite his sub NBA stature Cruise has both the charm and persona to slam dunk this gig with ease.

The story concerns a veteran sniper and his involvement in a city-centre shooting-spree, a tale that resonates with the modern psyche, in a particularly unsettling way. But wait a second, all is not as it seems. Pretty soon the sniper is asking for ex-military policeman Jack Reacher and the cops want to find out why.

Jack quickly finds out there is much wrong with the police case against the sniper, and much right with the DA’s beautiful daughter (Rosamund Pike) who just so happens to be representing the supposed shooter. Suspension-of-disbelief? It hardly matters, because Cruise moves quickly from one wise cracking fist fight to the next, and the bad guys fall like ninepins.

The tasty-twists in this tale are well flagged, but satisfying none the less, and Lee Child makes a goofball cameo as a grinning police station desk sergeant, although amusingly, the original Reacher is sitting down, while Cruise towers over him.

Bad guys abound in this movie, most arrive from central casting via a close shave barber, however Werner Herzog is particularly marvelous as the one-eyed, villain who has chewed his fingers off to escape a Russian prison-camp.

Crimezine also loves Robert Duvall, but his character seems somewhat superfluous to requirements, as does the groansome finale in the obligatory rain-soaked quarry. Perhaps Director Christopher McQuarrie was trying to get subliminal on us Crimeziners?


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