Crimezine goes Craisie on Robert Crais & Suspect

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Crime Fiction Books
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Suspect: poochtastic.

As regular Crimeziners will know, Crimezine compadre Bonzo Bob Crais is well known in the Hollywood Hills as Mulholland Drive’s answer to pooch-fancying Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan. It is no surprise therefore, that Bob’s latest standalone bestseller  Suspect is firmly pooch orientated.

Suspect is the tale of LAPD cop Scott James and his shell-shocked former Marine Corps bomb dog Maggie. Scott is recovering himself, after being shot in a vicious robbery, a crime in which he sees his partner Stephanie brutally murdered.

Now, if you love dogs, and animals in general, you will love, love, love this book; if however you consider yourself a cat person, or think animals are only useful for annoying your friends  on Farcebook with, listen up, because Suspect is Crais’s most compelling and suspenseful crime mystery in years.

Best known for his excellent Cole & Pike books, Crais has written two previous standalone novels, Demolition Angel and Hostage, which was turned into a movie starring Bruce Willis. For newcomers to the Crais oeuvre, you may not have read his books, but you will almost certainly have seen some of the TV shows that America’s Greatest Detective Writer [© Crimezine] has penned over the years, including Quincy, LA Law, Hill Street Blues Miami Vice and Cagney and Lacey.

But back to Suspect, a novel that offers so much more than a man and dog fighting back against the odds saga, this is the kind of book that sucks the breath out of you and refuses to give it you back until the very last page, it is a relentless example of just how good a mystery thriller can be in the hands of a true master—there can only be one master, and that master is Robert Crais.

Bob is, at the time of writing, inflicting his collection of retina-scorching Hawaiian “fun” shirts on the residents of South Florida, but he will also be making a series of nationwide appearances throughout February 2013. Grab a copy of Suspect, & tell him Crimezine sent ya.



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