Crimezine draws 2 Guns, with Denzil Washington and Mark Wahlburg

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Movies Crimezine Film
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Mark Wahlburg Denzil Washington 2 guns

Washington & Wahlburg—expect wrassling Crimeziners

2 Guns is the fast talking new Washington Wahlburg vehicle based on Steven Grant’s five-issue comic series. This convoluted crime caper was deemed too complex for the Cineplex by Hollyweird major-leaguers and almost never made it to the silver screen. Do those dumb-asses think we are dumb-asses or sumptin?

Despite this movies troubled genesis, Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur, fresh from his success on Wahlburg movie Contrabrand, has managed miracles with this banter-heavy summer shoot-em–up and Crimezine approves wholeheartedly.

Storywise, we have a caper wrapped inside a conspiracy, inside an enigma of proportions that only the savviest of screenwriters could commit to celluloid. Luckily Blake Masters the man behind Brotherhood and Law and Order LA has done an, erherm, Masterful job here, and whilst his attempt to shoehorn this twisted tale into the allotted Hollyweird format has caused a certain amount of seam stretching in places, his appointment has proven a perfect fit.

So here’s the sell— Washington & Wahlburg are anti-buddies, struggling to outwit each other. Denzel is an undercover DEA agent, whilst Wahlburg is a US Navy Intelligence officer—but here is the twist, they both think the other is a criminal.

Naturally, crooks rip off drug dealers, heist banks and offer waffle-house waitresses cheeky chit-chat. But oh-dear, wouldn’t you just know it, the money our hero’s rip off belongs to some very bad people as they say in the screen-blurbing trade. Enter Mexican drug kingpin Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos) and the marvelous Bill Paxton as a menacing CIA facilitator who specializes in Russian roulette. You just know there is going to be cranial splatter, right Crimeziners?

Shoehorned into these shenanigans comes romantic interest from the curvaceously underutilized Paula Patton, who smolders like a low budget Jeniffer Lopez in almost every scene. But the real love affair in this picture is between Bobby Trench (Washington) and “Stig” Stigman (Wahlberg). They might hate each other at first, but you just know that after one hour forty-nine minutes of “wrassling” they are going to end up as the best of pals. Such good pals in fact that Crimezine would be unsurprised to see 2-Guns sequel-city heading to your Cineplex within the next eighteen months, minimum. So, if you like your dialogue fast and furious, your plot Keyser Söze convoluted, and your action hero’s twisted out of the Hollyweird mainstream, check out 2 Guns you will like it a lot.


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