Kill the Messenger. Crimezine enjoys a Dark Alliance with Investigative reporter Gary Webb

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Crime Fiction Books, Movies Crimezine Film
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Kill the Messenger Film

Kill The Messenger the story of Gary Webb

Some stories are just too true to be told. At least this is what new movie Kill the Messenger tells us about investigative reporter Gary Webb.

But who is Gary Webb? We hear you ask. Simply put he is the man who blew the lid off the CIA plot to secretly fund the right-wing terrorist death squads in Nicaragua.

They did this, according to Webb, by importing billions of dollars of drugs and guns into inner city America, an act that was almost singularly responsible for the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980’s

Kill the Messenger is a cinematic re-telling of the Webb story on crack cocaine and the CIA. The movie follows Webb [Jeremy Renner] in his mission to break the story of the century, it also follows the subsequent implications of “the little man” coming up against the full might of the US governments covert policy in Central America.

Crimeziners who have not heard of Gary Webb, or his book Dark Alliance should immediately follow the link below as the story is not only an astounding piece of journalism it is also one of the bravest and perhaps foolish stands against the kind of “big government” that it is currently so fashionable to criticize.

As for the movie, well this is a grim little piece of cinema. Renner is marvelous throughout, but this is not a date night movie by any stretch of the imagination. Brief cameos by Ray Liotta and Michael Sheen and Andy Garcia sadly don’t help much.

If you are a fan of politics or current events you will no doubt be familiar with the train-wreck repercussions of US government policy in Central America. You  may also be aware that Webb’s story—although widely rubbished at the time by the CIA and their establishment media puppets—has become a matter of historical record—too late for Gary Webb unfortunately, after his journalistic career was ruined by the fallout from this sensational story he was found dead in 2004. Although he had been shot twice in the head, his death was ruled a suicide.




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