Tony Bulmer crime writer

Welcome to crimezine  the web based home for all that rocks in the world of crime fiction. The main focus of this site is books, movies, and television shows. But the real world apocalypse of true crime shenanigans is never too twisted or bizarre for the true crime fan so I will include that too. Yes me!  Tony Bulmer, journalist, crime writer and storyteller extraordinaire! There will be thrills there will be spills and a whole host of gruesome goings on that will have you perched on the very edge of your chair of choice. So turn on, tune in and wig out, as the world of crime unfolds before you! Crimezine the Zine at the heart of the crime scene.

  1. Jeans says:

    You are an excellent reviewer!
    We are so on the same page!!!
    Your fan

  2. Looking forward to reading more on your blog.

  3. jimbo says:

    Crimezine is F*#@*% Hilarious!!

  4. Ricardo says:

    Keeping an eye on you Mr B

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