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Revenge of the Green

Revenge of the Green Dragons—You die now!

Crimeziners who are fans of subtitled “foreign” films will no doubt have seen Andrew Lau classic Infernal Affairs. Crimezine chum Marty Goodfellas Scorsese liked it so much he remade it as Oscar-winning The Departed.

Scorsese is credited as Executive Producer on Revenge of the Green Dragons, which may give the impression to many that this is somehow a Marty movie. Unfortunately it is not. What we are dealing with here is a cult style Chinese movie with English dialogue. If it worked with the Departed, why not here?

“There’s a storm coming detective, and I don’t know of any umbrellas that will keep this city dry,” Quite. It is clear from an early stage that Marty has thrown a fat pile of cash and his best wishes behind this movie and not much more. Meanwhile, Scorsese pal Ray Liota turns up half way through the movie, looking antsy and bloated, in the kind of glorified cameo he specializes in. But he appears bored and apologetic throughout.

Revenge of the Green Dragons. Is based on the story of a real-life retro street gang—the kind of “terrifying” and “merciless” criminals who had middle class America squealing with fear and disbelief before the current crop of Islamic-based criminals came on the scene.

Sonny (Justin Chon) and Steven (Kevin Wu) are two Chinese-American brothers from Brooklyn who find themselves embroiled in the world of the Green Dragons street gang. It doesn’t matter how hard you shout at these nice young men, they are not going to listen. They are quite determined to hammer their square-peg lives into the round hole of street-murder, gang-banging and heroin-dealing. A déjà-vuish demise of such copybook proportions you really wonder how they didn’t see it coming.

Fans of grisly slow-motion murders—headshots, torture, mom-rape, and lovingly filmed knife wound close-ups will not be disappointed. There are also very many patented Bruce Lee, crazed-face-of death-you-die-now expressions pulled by each and every interchangeable bad guy at all the appropriate moments.

There is a half-hearted racism/immigration theme  here, but this seems to have been rather clumsily trowled into the plot as an afterthought.

Naturally it all ends badly, and with a great deal of unintentional ennui—But you already knew that didn’t you Crimeziners?


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True Detective-Crimezine

Crimezine Love, love, loves the awesome True Detective Magazine

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True Detective-Crimezine

Crimezine love, love, loves the awesome True Detective Magazine

Crimezine Manhunt

Manhunt! OMG

Retro crime we love it and they don’t come much more Retro than Manuhunt magazine a pulp crime paper that featured such luminaries as Mickey Spillane, Evan Hunter (Ed Mc Bain)and Leslie Charteris. The magazine started in 1953, so it was slow to jump on the band-wagon that the famous Black Mask magazine started. The digest size magazine was a big seller however, clocking up sales of over half a million in its heyday. Sex sells sensationalism was a publishing trend that came and went of course, but Manhunt surfed the wave when pickings were good, leaving a heritage of crazed covers and steamy prose sun bathing on the beach. Dig those scary covers Crimeziners!

Crimezine-Black Mask-Dashiell Hammett-Raymond Chandler

Black Mask A dame-tastic blast from the Crimezine Past

Black Mask Magazine  was launched in 1920. The magazine more than any other was responsible for turning such crime writers as Dashiell Hammett and  Raymond Chandler into the perennial hardboiled noir favorites that they are today.

Fast forward to the present day and Black Mask is an online resource of old Black Mask material, a place where you can thrill to hardboiled detective fiction of yester-year and wow to the way out retro artwork. Everything is online these days sadly, so no crinkly yellowing pages and smudgy black ink to enjoy. (sob!)

Still, check in to catch up with Black Mask and some other classic crime brands these guys own, such as Mystery Magazine, Dime Detective, and Strange Detective Mysteries. Cool.

For those Crimeziners tippy-tap-tapping away in your smoke filled writers Hell. Black Mask is seeking contributions, but don’t get too excited, they are not paying anything. So if you are a budding Chandler or Hammett, best keep that day job at the Pinkerton Detective agency for now.

Crimezine, Out of the gutter

OOTG: Pulp Friction

Short stories anyone? How about some of the pulpiest hardboiled fiction on the planet, with its whiskey deadened tongue poked so firmly into the corner of its cigar chomping visage, that once you have had a shot of Out of the Gutter’s Pulp Fiction and Degenerate Literature, you will be howling for more, like a street corner dope fiend jonesing for a fix. We kid you not Crimeziners.

Crimezine just loves the retro cover graphics of Out of the Gutter, but that ain’t the whole deal bub, not by a long shot. You get short fiction from the likes of Chris Pimental, Angela Caperton and Michael Bracken. You get two fisted tales of sleaze and degradation from the sordid true crime world, and a big cream pie with cherry on the top slice of humor, that will have Pulp fans chortling into their cheap scotch. So ease back into your overstuffed chair, with a nice Havanna. Pour yourself a three fingered soother and get into OOTG.

Out of the Gutter, the Modern Journal of Pulp Fiction and Degenerate Literature: We are talking win-win Crimeziners. Win-win.

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Dave Courtney: the real deal

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