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Writer Robert Crais Injured

Crais: injury not life threatening

Many on Mulholland are blaming Crimezine for local hero, Robert Crais’s recent hospitalization. Word is that our revelations regarding America’s greatest living detective writer and his spooky resemblance to Latino Pooch trainer Cesar Milan have caused an earlier than usual start to Craisie season.

As regular Crimeziners will no doubt know the Craisies are a rabid group of Crais fans who swarm in their thousands to Mulholland Drive each year, in devout pilgrimage to their crime writing hero. Apparently this has been too much for the billionaire author, who has until recently been able to avoid the adoring hordes on his nimble footed forays into the Santa Monica Mountains, with his attendant pack of attack dogs.

Unfortunately despite the “boyish” [©People magazine] publicity pictures, Bonzo Bob is not as young as he used to be, and he took a nasty tumble yesterday while avoiding a gaggle of autograph hunters.

Fortunately nothing was broken, except the hearts of the tearful fans who witnessed this harrowing incident.

Bob was stretchered off the mountain-side by an elite team of LA’s finest search and rescue professionals and is now recovering at home, reciting “I nearly died out there,” anecdotes to anyone who will listen.

Crimezine has, of course, sent an “amusing” get well soon note and a half eaten box of See’s Candy around to Chateau Crais by way of consolation. And in return we are pleased to report that the feverish tippity-tap of Crais’s typographical silent writer has been even more pronounced than usual.

Expect a new installment of the Cole & Pike Saga sooner than previously advertised.