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Seems like every movie you see these days is adapted from some kind of comic book. This is because comic books are the cool outsiders of the publishing industry, they have been coming up with the kind of unique and original material that big-budget mainstream publishers are either unwilling or unable to publish.

Stray Bullets is an underground crime comic book that has been cruelly ignored for years, there has been a

Crimezine Stray bullets David Lapham

Stray Bullets: Essential

cult following naturally, But not enough of a following to keep David Lapham the comic book genius behind Stray Bullets in production and now the series is in permanent hiatus.

Not only this, But David is being forced to sell original artwork from the series.

Crimezine loves Stray Bullets, the stories are dark and unexpected, the artwork beautiful and haunting, with a classic pen and ink look. Crimeziners should score one of the collections of David Lapham’s Stray Bullets, Innocence of Nihilism#1-7  Somewhere Out West#8-14 Other People#15-21 and Dark Days #21-28. The writing and the artwork are a true labor of love.

As happy endings go, David is much in demand for both his amazing writing skills and his sensational artistry. He has worked on projects as diverse as DC’s Detective Comics to Spiderman and the Punisher.

The thing that troubles Crimezine is that there is never a movie mogul around when you need one. So who would make the Stray Bullets movie? Robert Rodriguez? Quentin Tarrentino? Now that would be something Crimeziners, that would be something.