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Mark Wahlberg and Kat Beckinsale: Contrabrand

Here comes Mark Wahlberg, a man who only shows expression with the top part of his face. The darkly furrowed stare, the ironically contemptuous twist of an eyebrow and Kaboom! Wahlberg vanquishes all before him: drug lords, hit men, corrupt officials, the whole gamut of human flotsam, washed away in one big torrent of full-auto fire power and explosive mayhem.

Contrabrand is what you would expect, a white knuckle action thriller, that sees Wahlberg, a smuggler gone straight, setting out on one last job, to save the bacon of his lame-brain brother-in-law from crime-lord handlers. All our hero has to do is head out to Panama  and collect millions of counterfeit dollar bills. What could possibly go wrong?

Just about everything frankly, and when Wahlberg’s screen wife, the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale and his sons become a target of the mobsters, the shitola kicks off big time.

In lesser hands this would be a episode of Miami Vice on steroids, but Wahlberg is the man when it comes to making this kind of movie, and very few people do it better. Contrabrand. Crimezine recommends—wholeheartedly.