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Hallelujah Crimeziners! Are you ready to see some redemption? The Samaritan is the latest

The Samaritan-Samuel-L—Jackson

The Samaritan

Samuel L. Jackson crime vehicle. Jackson, a man who has made a career out of his biblical ability, stars as the philosophically mournful Foley, a con artist who has just completed a 25-year prison sentence for killing his partner in crime.

Foley is determined to make a fresh start, even though most of his acquaintances have moved on or died while he was incarcerated. But the past is far from dead and pretty soon Foley finds himself forced into old patterns of behaviour by his former associate’s son (Luke Kirby).

Raising the romantic stakes is the enigmatic Iris (Ruth Negga), a troubled young woman with whom Foley becomes deeply embroiled. But this is a movie about the art of the con Crimeziners and—‘A Samaritan’ is a classic scam where the Grifter pretends to assist an intended victim. So you know from the outset that nothing is as it seems.

Directed and co-written by David Weaver, a Canadian television veteran, and co-writer Elan Mastai, this is a dark and hard-hitting film, set in present-day Toronto. Jackson offers a commanding performance with able ensemble assistance. Receiving its world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the The Samaritan is released May 16th by IFC Films. Crimezine recommends.