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Patterson fields a Player

Following Crimezines recent revelations regarding Harlan Coben and Michael Connelly’s prowess at put-put golf. Bazillionaire golfer and sometime crime writer Jimbo Patterson sent Crimezine this picture of his back yard.

Frankly Crimeziners, we are impressed that Jimbo has managed to hack his hundred acre patch of primo Floridian mangrove swamp into such marvelous shape. Apparently, very few servants or landscape gardeners were eaten by Alligators, or giant flying insects in the process. Hurrah!

A big debt of thanks must go to the Great Pattersonis head gardener Pablo. Eagle eyed Crimeziners might just be able to see Pablo’s humble groundsman’s cottage on the far side of Alligator inlet.

Naturally we assumed this candid snap of the Patterson Estate featured Pablo on the left clutching his masters shoulder supportively, But no! Shockerooo! The fine figure of manhood standing next to Jimbo is actually Grand Slamming Golf Legend Gary Player. If Jimbo has a golf coach like this, Golf neophytes Coben and Connelly would be best advised to take up another sport—table tennis for example. See you at the nineteenth hole Crimeziners.

Connelly & Gould talk Chandler

Crimezine-Chandler Connelly-Gould
Michael Connelly & Elliot Gould