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Celebrity gangster and shameless self publicist ‘Dodgy ’ Dave Courtney, first shot to fame, after he was portrayed in The film Lock Stock and Two

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Dodgy Dave Courtney Rides again

Smoking Barrels by the thuggish Vinnie Jones. If you think slamming some ones head in a car door is over the top, you ain’t seen nothing bub, until you have read Dave’s first autobiography Stop the Ride I Want to Get off.

The ride that the book discusses, is Dave’s struggle to go straight. It is a struggle that  has been mostly unsuccessful if this book and it’s sequels, such as Raving Lunacy and The Rides Back on, are to be believed.

And there is the rub, there are many inconsistencies in Dave’s stories, and confirmed South London Gangsters such as ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser have called many of Dodgy Dave’s antics into question. Dave does possess a great deal of charisma however and  his idiosyncratic humour, makes Stop the Ride I Want to Get Off an essential read. Dave is always good for a chuckle, even if he is punching your face in with his diamond studded knuckle duster at the time.

Fame is a cruel mistress however, and in one of his tales, Dave relates how a thug  came to his home to beat up The famous Dave Courtney. Dave answered the door in a bath robe, while eating a breakfast sausage, still attached to a fork. The thug issued a challenge, and Dave,  quick as a flash, stabbed the intruder in the forehead  with the fork  uttering the immortal line, Nah fawk orf! Priceless.

The cops of course, hate Dave Courtney, and he hates them, but Dave never tires of baiting them, and this does become rather wearing. One hopes that now he has been offered a £15 million , three movie contract Dodgy Dave will finally Get off the Ride for good.

But conflict comes easy to the Courtney camp and Dave has recently been bad mouthing Vinnie Jones, for stealing the Courtney persona. Of course, Courtney being the shrewd, media savvy operator that he is, knows that he owes much to the publicity the character Jones played, and that controversy only generates more publicity. Crimezine wishes him well in his movie career, meanwhile pick up a copy of Stop the Ride I Want to Get Off, you will not be able to put it down.

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