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Whitey Bulger, America’s Most Wanted

Whitey Bulger, America’s Most Wanted

Just when you thought you had heard the last of South Boston crime legend James “Whitey Bulger” a new book by Boston news hacks Shelly Murphy and Kevin Cullen has hit bookstores.

Bulger is a man with a RICO rap sheet that dates back to the 1950’s. The Irish mobster from the Boston badlands has spent a lot of time behind bars. He is also widely lauded as the FBI’s biggest fink, who doubled up on a career of mayhem and murder even as he was eating out of the hand of the Federal Government.

But Bulger is perhaps most famous for bunking out of a Federal rap and evading capture by the FBI for sixteen long years, before being eventually tracked to Santa Monica Califorina where the 83 year old gangster was snatched by the Feds and arraigned in Federal court on July 6, 2011. In court Bulger plead not guilty to 48 charges, including 19 counts of murder, extortion, money laundering, obstruction of justice, perjury, narcotics distribution and multiple weapons violations.

Shelly Murphy, who has covered organized crime for years with The Boston Globe, claims the new book Whitey Bulger: America’s Most Wanted Gangster and the Manhunt That Brought Him to Justice does not recycle old stories about Bulger. Well, hurrah to that Crimeziners, because Whitey’s wonderful world  is anything but pleasant. But why the new book?

“I think what’s really new here is we get a chance to see what Whitey thinks of himself. We talked to people he has been writing to since his capture and I think it’s quite a revelation that he’s determined to try to portray himself as this, sort of, noble patriot who gave to military veterans groups. He really wants to try to sort of change the narrative of what we all know about him.”

“But what he wants more than anything, he wants to refute two points. He says he was never an informant for the FBI and he says he never killed the two women whose murders are among the 19 he’s charged with.”

Cullen said Bulger knows he‘s not getting out of prison and can’t wait for his trial, which is scheduled to begin in June 2013.

“He writes to his friends that he’s been doing about 100 push-ups a day in his cell to try to keep fit.  He’s certainly mentally very with it, according to his lawyer, and I really hope that he does get to trial, because he says he’s determined to take the stand and tell his side of the story. So whether people believe it or not is another question, but I think it’s really important that we hear what he has to say,” Murphy said.

As Bulger languishes in his cell reimagining history, Crimezine wonders if he is remembers the Boston Herald four-part series (2001), entitled “Stolen Innocence”, an article that interviewed dozens of women who alleged childhood sexual abuse by Bulger and his associates. The series reported how Bulger and associate Stephen Flemi gave heroin, to underage girls as young as thirteen and sexually abused them, one victim later died of a drug overdose in her early 20’s

Two of these girls, Deborah Hussey and Deborah Davis, are also alleged to have been later murdered by Bulger in early adulthood, in at least one case to allegedly keep the victim from going public, after years of sexual abuse. Charges for their murders are now pending against Bulger.

Undoubtedly Bulger will try to further embarrass the FBI during his forthcoming trial, by revealing further details about the poorly managed attempt by Federal authorities to use him as a confidential informant. Perhaps he will also reiterate his involvement in the CIA MK-ULTRA program, the goal of which was to research powerful mind-control drugs such as LSD on prison inmates (including Bulger alleges himself).

Whatever the future holds, we can rest assured that Whitey Bulger, the man who ratted on his friends, murdered his enemies and lied to any one who would listen is firmly where he belongs. In Federal Prison.

Micky Cohen, crimezinecrimezine

So you thought Mickey Cohen was just a figment of James Ellroy’s amphetamine amped imagination? No way Jack, the devil dog of crime fiction wasn’t joshing ya! Mickey was real and he was Baaaad, super Baaaad. The reality: Mickey Cohen was Al Capone’s man on the West Coast, and he acted accordingly, beating, bullying and bribing all that lay before him. He entertained more starlets than Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs and had a larger entourage than Mike Tyson. Brad Lewis’s book is like one of the delicious super-sundae ice creams that the rotund Cohen guzzled by the pint. (he didn’t drink alcohol.) It is by turns delicious and sickening. Lewis takes us from Cohen’s paperboy beginnings to his Tony Montana style blow up on national television and beyond. This is a story that keeps on giving: triumph, tragedy and starlets aplenty. Cohen had charisma and lots of it .  Marvel as he  climbs the slippery pole of crime lord achievement, whoop and holler as he reaches the very zenith of national notoriety, groan as he throws it all away on the alter of his own rampaging ego. If there is one true crime book you must read,this holiday season, this is it.