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Crimezine-Magnum Charlie Beck

Left to right: Tom, Magnum Pi, Selleck, LAPD’s Charlie, yard brush, Beck

Crimeziners must surely have noticed the uncanny similarities between LAPD Chief Charlie, yard brush, Beck and Tom, Magnum PI, Selleck the nineteen eighties most mustachioed private investigator. Seperated at birth? We leave that to the conscience of the individual Crimeziner, but the photographic evidence is damning.

Here is the evidence, the Beck /Selleck nexus is so strong, that the mustachioed crime fighting twins have the same bizarre fashion sense. Off duty, Beck can often be seen in garish Aloha shirts and junk hugging snow wash denims. Likewise  Selleck parades around Los Angeles in rumpled police chief garb, while chairing yawnsome news conferences. Zzzzzzz

In a further twist to this stranger than fiction saga Magnum lived in the mansion of millionaire Robin Masters a “celebrated but never seen author of lurid novels” Surely this means that Machiavellian crime mastermind James Crimezilla Patterson is at bottom of this affair?  Perhaps this is evidence of the duplicator ray he has been fiendishly developing with the North Koreans, so that he might reward us with even more of his #1 bestselling fiction?

Interestingly however, Selleck and Beck have never actually been spotted together at the same time, leading Crimezine to believe that the Tasche twins are actually one and the same person.