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Black Box CrimezineCrimezine’s favorite Floridian Michael Connelly has hit bookstores with his latest end of aisle bestseller, The Black Box, in which he transports us back twenty years to the murder of a Danish Journalist in riot torn South Central Los Angeles.

Hieronymous Harry Bosch, Connelly’s Jazz loving LAPD Detective, made his first appearance in The Black Echo (1992), the same year that South Central Los Angeles was rocked by six days of rioting, and it has not gone without comment in the City of Angels, that the latest Conners offering dredges back through time, marking the twentieth anniversary of the riots.

The City of Los Angeles and The LAPD have come a long way since those dark days of Police brutality, and block burning social insanity. Connelly has documented much of this evolution in the Bosch series, and for this he is to be commended.

Familiar themes abound with this latest work: Deep, perplexing, mystery; obscure jazz name-checks; cruel and unusual office politics, and a trainspotterish deconstruction of the acronym-ridden Los Angeles Police Department.

Bosch is of course an obsessed loner at heart, but Conners has done his level best to make an empathy jacket for him: The ‘headshrink’ girlfriend, the morose daughter. The chick magnet appeal to any woman in uniform—that’s our Harry. But sometimes you cannot help but wonder if Conners is teasing us, for example the work obsessed Bosch leaves his brooding sixteen-year-old daughter Maddie home alone night after night to eat pizza, then rings to enquire about her safety. “Don’t worry Dad, I have a gun,” retorts the surly sprog. She isn’t joking. Hmmm—Anyone see a problem brewing?

As usual, everyone has got it in for poor Harry, a man who’s quiet and relentless quest for justice, no matter what the cost, marks him out as an outsider, in world of political correctness gone mad. It must be said that Harry’s somewhat implausible status as an aging rebel, distracts from the meticulous and engrossing outlines of police procedure that are a major part of the Bosch novels. But Connelly is a master of the finely paced plot, a skill that will soften even the hardest of hearts. Meanwhile, the suspenseful and darkly surprising ending, will no doubt have readers kicking themselves that they didn’t read the clues earlier. Conners much like Harry Bosch, is at the top of his game.

The Black Box is Connelly’s eighteenth Bosch book. Hints of Bosch’s  inevitable retirement from the department  weigh heavier with each subsequent adventure. In The Drop (2011) Bosch joined the Deferred Retirement Program and it is now clear that his ‘enemies from above’ can kick him off the force any time they choose. LAPD’s Viet Nam Vet might soon have to change his love of  ‘Murder Books’ and Black Box case files for a pipe and slippers and some lighter reading…

The mighty Conners informs Crimezine that Harry Bosch will return in the 2013 installment of the Mickey ‘Lincoln Lawyer’ Haller series,entitled  The Gods of Guilt.


James Patterson,crimezine

Patterson fields a Player

Following Crimezines recent revelations regarding Harlan Coben and Michael Connelly’s prowess at put-put golf. Bazillionaire golfer and sometime crime writer Jimbo Patterson sent Crimezine this picture of his back yard.

Frankly Crimeziners, we are impressed that Jimbo has managed to hack his hundred acre patch of primo Floridian mangrove swamp into such marvelous shape. Apparently, very few servants or landscape gardeners were eaten by Alligators, or giant flying insects in the process. Hurrah!

A big debt of thanks must go to the Great Pattersonis head gardener Pablo. Eagle eyed Crimeziners might just be able to see Pablo’s humble groundsman’s cottage on the far side of Alligator inlet.

Naturally we assumed this candid snap of the Patterson Estate featured Pablo on the left clutching his masters shoulder supportively, But no! Shockerooo! The fine figure of manhood standing next to Jimbo is actually Grand Slamming Golf Legend Gary Player. If Jimbo has a golf coach like this, Golf neophytes Coben and Connelly would be best advised to take up another sport—table tennis for example. See you at the nineteenth hole Crimeziners.

What’s this Crimeziners Conner’s taking a pop at The world famous Mulholland Drive, headquarters of the legendary Michael-ConnellyCrimezine? No doubt questions will be asked at the highest level at the next neighborhood watch meeting.

No need to get apoplectic though, the ‘dive’ in question refers to an investigator who deciphers the hidden codes of accident scenes and his investigation of a fatality on Los Angeles’ most legendary roadway. The short story was published first in 2007,

Two other stories accompany Mulholland Dive, First up, Two-Bagger, the story of an obsessed cop tailing an ex con who he believes to be a contract-killer. While, Cahoots, is the tale of a backroom poker game that turns deadly, when a cheater is exposed—sounds like a night out around Mulholland resident Jack Nicholson’s place.

These latest Connelly masterworks, although previously published appear together her for the first time in E-book format and audio formats, they join Conner’s other excellent short story collections Suicide Run, Angle of Investigation and The Safe Man.

Whaddya mean you haven’t got an e-reader yet! What do you think this is, the 1930’s? Whether it is Kindle, Nook, or the latest i-thing from those nice people at Apple, get one now and you will be able to download cool crime from both established authors and newer cutting edge writers. The latest Conners e-book is around three bucks.

This collection will be available in the US and Canada on September 4, in the UK and Ireland on October 4, and in Australia and New Zealand in October.

Crimezine Connelly Coben

Hope some one is wearing their factor fifty?

Crimezine chums Harlan Coben and Michael Connelly have been slacking off their pounding work schedules off late to team up for a round of golf.

So who won? The two chums are being tight lipped but Crimezine’s money is on Conners. Crimezines favorite Floridian is well known to be fast friends with crime fiction’s very own Jack Nicklaus, the golf-tastic Jimbo Patterson.

Patterson, a renowned golf bore is well known for his prowess on the fairway, he is in addition to this a close neighbor and publishing stable mate of Conners. Crimezine has learned that great Pattersoni has imparted much Yoda like wisdom to the Conners game over the years, Authors beware spoiler!!!!!!!

Still, Coben and Conners are back at it in front of the word processor, which is more than can be said of Patterson, whose elves have churned out at least a dozen Patterson branded products this week alone.

Back to the mystery writers PGA tour though and one wag on the Twitterverse who allegedly witnessed this mighty meeting of golfing prowess, wryly commented, ‘As golfers go they are great writers.’

So is a golf thriller in the works? We hear you wonder—surely this is the oxymoron to end all oxymorons. Not even Ian Fleming could make golf sound exciting and by god he tried.


Conners: buys back Bosch for new screen deals

Crimezine favorite Michael Connelly has partnered with Fuse Entertainment (The Killing,The Good Guys) and writer-producer Eric Overmyer (HBO’s Treme) in hopes of finally bringing his Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch character to series TV.

Overmyer is acting as showrunner and lead writer on the prospective series, but no network or pilot deal is currently in place. The partnership marks Connelly’s first Bosch deal following a legal battle with Paramount over rights to the character. Until 2010, the brooding LAPD homicide detective and protagonist of 15 of Connelly’s 20-plus books was tied up in 15 years of development hell at the studio.

Connelly says the partners plan to shop the series to cable. He sees The Killing’s serialized story line, about a single murder as the model. “The Killing took two years [to solve a case]; we won’t do that,” Connelly said. “But what we are looking at is using the elements of one, possibly two, books a year, or a season.”

Connelly said he has the option of writing one episode per season, but plans to stay out of the writing process, as he has done when his books are made into movies “I couldn’t find a better writer than Eric Overmyer on TV,” Connelly said. “I’ve been down the Hollywood path a lot, and the conclusion that I’ve come to is that I should write the best novels I can, take them to Hollywood, and let them take it from there.”

Paramount had optioned two Harry Bosch books, Black Ice (1992) and The Black Echo (1993), back in 1995 but never developed either one into a movie. A 15-year option also gave Paramount ownership of the Bosch character so Connelly could not take it elsewhere. In 2010, Connelly sued Paramount to seek accurate accounting of development money spent so he could take advantage of a yearlong window to buy back the rights to Bosch.

The suit was settled in October 2010 and the buy-back window was extended to three years. Connelly then shopped Bosch around and finally bought back rights for an undisclosed amount after forging this new partnership

Michael Connelly,Black Box

Black Box

Not wishing to be outdone by the recent injury of crime-writing compadre Robert “Hop Along” Crais; Michael Connelly has exclusively revealed to Crimezine that the latest installment of his LA detective series featuring Hieronymous Harry Bosch will be called Black Box.

The book spans a twenty-year period that has its genesis in the notorious LA riots of 1992.

The mysterious tale centers on the murder of a young female photojournalist in riot torn South Central. Natch, Harry is on the scene to investigate, but in the chaos of looting arson and murder, the case is reassigned to the Riot Crimes Task Force, who fumble the investigation.

But Bosch is a man who never forgets a thing especially an unsolved murder and as time and circumstances change Bosch is confronted with ballistics evidence that shows that the murder of the journalist was anything but a random act of violence.

The only way Bosch can crack the case is by painstakingly re-assembling the decades old clues that will lead him to a killer.

Sadly you will have to wait until the fall to discover what happens as the current release date for Black Box is set for November 2012

Crimezines favorite Floridian Michael Connelly has just sent us this gratuitous picture of himself, pitching for his home team Tampa Bay


Crimezines favorite Floridian Michael Connelly

against the mighty Boston Red Sox at Tropicana field. Despite the able assistance of Conners, the Sox trounced the Rays by a decisive 5-3. Chin-up and onwards Conners—The defeat will no doubt provide good practice for the next time the Rays meet the mighty Los Angeles Dodgers. Chortle.

On the subject of Florida, the boyish Carl Hiaasen recently wrote Crimezine a strongly worded letter of complaint, stating that Michael Connelly isn’t the only F****** crime writer in F***** Florida, for F**** sake. Quite right: Jimbo 18 holes and a couple of mini-thrillers before Lunch Patterson is also a known resident. Teasing. Crimezine loves the fresh faced and somewhat unpronounceable Mr. Hiaasen too, in fact we would go as far as to say that he is our favorite proponent of satirical crime fiction based in Florida. Although we did read a good Hemingway outline about giant Alligators eating bales of marijuana…Double teasing, that was Elmore Leonard.

For those Crimeziners who believe Elmore Leonard  lives in Florida—No: He hails from Bloomfield Village, Michigan—he only writes about Florida. Gold Coast? Freezing Coast more like!

Michael-Connelly-Joseph Wambaugh

Wambaugh & Connelly at Musso & Franks, Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

It has been a busy week in Los Angeles. Crime writing legend Joseph Wambaugh, the man behind The New Centurions, The Choirboys and The Onion Field, has just released the fifth book in his acclaimed Hollywood Station series.

Entitled Harbor Nocturne, the novel focuses on the Southern Los Angeles harbor district of San Pedro. [pronounced Peeedro] The book follows the continuing adventures of midwatch regulars Flotsam & Jetsam and Hollywood Nate Weiss, and also features the tribulations of star-crossed lovers Lita Medina, a young Mexican dancer and her longshoreman squeeze Dinko Babich.

Wambaugh has been up in LA this week [He now lives in San Diego] to publicize the novels imminent release. Crimeziners will be no doubt be interested to hear that Crimezine favorite Michael Connelly conducted an epic chat with Wambaugh. at famed Hollywoood Boulevard writer’s hangout Musso and Frank’s at the

Joseph Wambaugh-Harbor-nocturne

Harbor Nocturne

behest of the LA Times. Crimeziners with strong stomachs should check out the moaning man section of the interview, at the link below where Wambaugh relates a gruesome incident that first appeared in his book the Choirboys.

Wambaugh says that he interviewed over fifty cops for this book, and as ever the tales he relates are all true—just blended together into a seamless story. Wambaugh says he likes to focus on characterization and let his plot evolve as he goes along without any plot or outline. has just published nine of Wambaughs back catalog reads in ebook format: The Black Marble, The Glitter Dome, The Blooding, The Delta Star, Finnegan’s Week, Floaters, Fugitive Nights, The Golden Orange, and Lines and Shadows The books are available for sale through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Sony.

Connelly & Gould talk Chandler

Crimezine-Chandler Connelly-Gould
Michael Connelly & Elliot Gould

Crimezine knows that you are all as obsessed by Raymond Chandler as we are, so there is good news if you live in Los Angeles. Crimezine Favorite Michael Connelly will be attending a movie screening of Robert Altman’s 1973 version of the classic Chandler tale.

The event kicks off March 25 2012 at 2:00 pm, in the main Library, MLK Jr. Auditorium, 601 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles

Actor and star of the Long Goodbye Elliot Gould will also be in attendance for a Q&A session. The screening is part of the Santa Monica Citywide Reads 2012 event.

Crimeziners may be interested to know that this movie became an inspiration and major obsession for Connelly, to the extent that the writer later moved into the very same apartment in Hollywood where the movie was shot. Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman also slotted in a homage to the Long Goodbye, Chandler and Conners, into the recent movie but you knew that already didn’t you Crimeziners?


Michael Connelly