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Teddy Boone: The Accused

Call us curmudgeonly but kiddie crime books? You have got to be kidding right? [chortle] Sadly Crimeziners we are not kidding, it appears crime hero’s everywhere are being deluged by long lost naughty nephews and nieces, and that means hi-jinx aplenty for crime obsessed youngsters. Hurrah for the half holidays!

John Grisham is the latest to diversify into the world of children’s publishing, with his fatuously named Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer. Really? Young Teddy will be clocking up billable hours and haranguing judges between Math homework and a marathon session on the Playstation? Sounds like every kids dream. The Accused the latest Theodore Boone read is available now.

Meanwhile to Crimezines great surprise, Mickey Bolitar, Harlan Coben’s kiddie character is going from strength to strength and a sequel to Shelter entitled Seconds Away is slated for release in August 2012. Coben teasingly revealed to Crimezine that Uncle Myron Bolitar, the East Coast’s most Sleuthsome sports Agent will have a larger role than before. Which suits us. Crimezine loves Coben and Bolitar too, lets hope young Mickey doesn’t have his naughty cousins Donald, Goofy and Pluto over to play, or all hell will break loose, especially If Bolitar cohort Windsor Horne Lockwood III is babysitting.

Marketing behemoth and sometime crime writer Big Jim Patterson has never been shy of brand diversification. It is no surprise then that the great man tuned into the literary needs of the Hairy Potter generation at an early stage. Patterson has now published literally zillions of Patterson branded kiddie products: Witches and Wizards, Daniel X, Middle School and probably a dozen more co-authored treats by the time you read this. No Jimmy Cross— Junior Detective yet, but give it time.

To his credit the great Pattersoni has dreamed up the worthwhile, if somewhat patronizingly monikered Read Kiddo Read, a scheme aimed at encouraging young readers The scheme recommends books such as Chomp By Carl Hiaasen and Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye as well as the expected Patterson output.

So who else will be next to hawk a kiddie book? Crimezine would have placed long odds against Lee Child, but after reading his short story Second Son in which a teenaged Jack Reacher duffs up the school bully with a home made knuckle duster, and extracts his Marine Corps Pops from career ending shitola with his sleuthing skills, we are not so sure.

At this rate, it is only a matter of time before hard-bitten Detective Harry Bosch gets a knock on his door and discovers a wide-eyed infant child clutching a junior, fingerprinting kit in one hand and a HK P7 in the other. Or maybe Bosch sproglet Maddie will start up her own Detective Agency? Work the gig like the Rockford files, but with Old Man Bosch playing the rambunctious oldster, Harry is getting pretty long in the tooth after all… Watch this space Crimeziners.

Post script: If the idea of a Rockford Files remake has your salivary juices flowing, the word on Hollyweird Boulevard is that googly faced “funny man” Vince  Vaughn will be starring in a remake of the hit Seventies crime show… Leave your name, number and message and we’ll get back to you buddy.