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Crimezine-Patricia Cornwell

Patricia Conrnwells Gurneytastic site 

Crimezine is a big fan of Patricia and her brand of gurney chasing crime sleuthery. So we were particularly impressed by the latest too clever by half reinvention of her website and for this Crimezine awards her the much sought after website of the week award.

This site really has to be seen to be believed Crimeziners. You journey in like you are heading into the Chief Medical Examiners office. Natch you have to pass security first then wander around the office at will pressing on the pulsing buttons to access cool stuff like events and signings video interviews and everything that is new in the world of Scarpetta & Cornwell. Cool.

We did notice to our disappointment however that Lindsay Lohan was not mopping the corridors as directed by the court. Naughty!

Of course the swoontastic Ms Cornwell, is looking as awesome as ever and we wish her luck with her latest, Red Mist which is out now.