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Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini: standout performances in The Drop

Everybody loves a good heist movie—right Crimeziners? Thing is, The Drop is much more than just another heist movie, it is a slow burning tale of manipulation based around Brooklyn Bar Marv’s. James Gandolfini is the marvelous Marv, an on the ropes bar manager who used to own the place until his gambling debts forced him to sell up to the new owners—a Chechen organized crime syndicate.

The Chechens needless to say are very bad people—the kind of gangsters who would hack you up and dump you in the East river in a New York second if they thought you were trying to steal their money. Who would do such a thing? Plenty of folks as it turns out, because the Chechens are using the bar as a “drop joint” a collection front for their ill gotten loot. And in the down at heel environs of Marv’s Place, there are a whole host of bottom feeders stupid—or desperate enough to give it a go.

However, the real star of this movie is simple-minded barman Bob Saginowski played by Tom Hardy. Bob is a sweet guy who puts up with bitter uncle Marv, because he doesn’t have options. But Bob’s life changes irrevocably one dark winter night, as he heads home and finds a battered puppy abandoned in a trashcan. Who would do such a thing?

Enter nutso neighborhood character Eric, who has gifted the battered puppy as a nasty surprise to his ex Nadia. [Noomi Girl with a Dragon Tattoo Rapace.] Needless to say Eric is non too happy when Bob and Nadia hook up and begin nursing the puppy back to health. Bottom feeder Eric has many cruel and creepy surprises up his sleeve for the young couple, all delivered with his characteristic sniveling nastiness.

Just as it seems things cannot get any worse for Bob, a junky duo snatch the till takings at the bar. They want the drop money, but settle for five large instead. Not much money in the scheme of things but the Chechens want their money back on the hurry up. What is a guy to do?

The Drop was based on the Dennis Lehane short story Animal Shelter. Lehane wrote the screenplay for the movie, which after his outstanding record of success with projects such as Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, Shutter Island is a natural progression. This movie isn’t exactly Lehane’s first rodeo as a screenwriter. he has written three episodes of the award winning series The Wire and worked as writer and creative consultant on the crimetastic HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

It is rare to see a screenplay this real or this engaging. Standout performances by Gandolfini and Tom Hardy are so good you almost don’t want The Drop to end—This was Gandolfini’s last movie before he died. He chain smokes and waddles corpulently through every scene and whilst his performance provides an outstanding epitaph, one cannot help wishing the great man had shown a little more concern for his personal welfare. Run don’t walk. Go see The Drop today.

The Drop Dennis Lehane

Kisses—Tom Hardy and Rocco the pitbull star in the Drop

While researching his novel, The Drop, Michael Connelly invited two veteran LAPD homicide investigators, Rick Jackson and Tim Marcia to room 79 at the Chateau Marmont hotel to discuss how they would handle the Crimescene. Many of the detectives suggestions were used in the book. Check out the video at the link above Crimeziners. Also included is a link to Crimezines favorite Floridian talking about his latest bestseller.

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Crimezines Favorite Floridian Michael Connelly

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TheDrop-Michael Connelly

Crimezine said a tearful dockside adieu to our favourite Floridian Michael Connelly this week, as he heads to The UK and Ireland, to tour his awesome new Harry Bosche novel The Drop. Apparently, Limeyland is  not the orthodentically challenged oasis of tummy ache dining and hilariously attired aristocrats it is rumored to be. So Crimezine wishes Michael Bon voyage and a safe return.

The trip will be  a nice break for Conners, as the Sunshine States hurricane season has just given way to yet another plague of  bat sized insects and the kind of humidity that will have your sub tropical linen clothing clinging wetly to your body, as soon as you step out of the arrivals gate at Miami International Airport.

Still we digress. Dates for Michael’s tour of the UK and Ireland can be found at: So if you live in London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester Belfast or Dublin, It is your lucky day Connelly fans.

As Crimeziners know we are Hieronymus Harry Bosch completists  and we cannot recommend the latest installment of the Bosche saga highly enough. So get The Drop and if you are lucky enough to be in the sleet filled streets of England or the blarney scented boozers of Ireland, have a spot of the blackstuff with Michael Connelly and tell them Crimezine sent ya.

The new Michel Connelly novel is called The Drop, featuring LAPD favorite Harry Bosch. Our hero has been given three years until retirement, so Harry is hottter to trot than usual.  The thrills come double time, when Bosch is asked to handle two cases at once.

First off, there is a seemingly implauseable rape case where crime lab reports show the perp to have been eight years old at the time of the crime. As Harry puzzles the details, longtime nemesis, Councilman Irving Irving’s son takes a plunge from a window at Chateau Marmont. Did he jump or was he pushed? Either way Harry is thrown in to a cauldron of internal politics and tasked with finding the answers.

As the case unfolds, Bosch makes chilling discoveries, an unseen killer stalking the streets for decades and a political conspiracy that runs deep into the very heart of the Los Angeles Police Department and former Bosch partner, the marvelously named Kiz Rider is in deep.

As Harry unravels these twin cases, he has the advancing prospect of retirement hanging over him, Will he won’t he? The LAPD deferred retirement option or DROP, where by our hero might be forced to hang up his badge and let the City of Angels be over run by sicko killers, is introduced as a threat at a very early stage in this novel—and Harry is questioning his ability to do the job through out. Thankfully he is as tenacious as usual, but one suspects that Conners has been contemplating the very real possibility that Harry Bosch has finally had his day.

Poor Harry. He is dogged by High Jingo from the office of the chief of Police (OCP) Has to suffer his sullen and treacherous partner Chu and his love life—the less said of that the better. Luckily Bosch sproglet Maddie is at her self sufficient best, making her meals for one and polishing her Glock while pops catches perps. The taco munching teen suck up has even started listening to Chet Baker, as she reads Stephen King novel The Stand. Little Angel, where do you get children like this?

The Drop will be available in Australia and New Zealand on October 26, 2011, in the UK and Ireland on October 27, 2011, and in the USA and Canada on November 28, 2011. It will also be available as an eBook, an audiobook, and in large print format.