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Website of the week is back Crimeziners, and it is time for the true crime apocalypse to end all true crime apocalypses: Welcome to truTV.

This grisly gallery of pestilent perpetrators will have you gasping, groaning and giggling with equal measure. tru TV’s crime library photo gallery is a Crimezine obsession. Pictures of deviant celebrities? Check. Pictures of Vampire blood lust? Check. Criminal facial tattoos and mustache mugshots? Check and check again. All this and the top ten bestiality cases of 2011 thrown in for free. If it is criminal and on camera truTV has is it for you.

Check out: clowns in the cooler; Mugshots from rock bottom, and the hilarious Weave been arrested. See pictures of foolish felons, with bandaged physiognomies in the chortlesome Wrap sheet. And in Arrest-au-rant, celebrity chefs face the heat outside the Kitchen. We leave  you with  startling pictures from the Changing face of crime section. Tru TV Rocks. Book mark it now, and remember you heard it first on Crimezine.

Changing face of Crime

Tweaker Beauty Parade: The Changing Face of Crime