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Seven Psychopaths, they won’t take any Shih-Tzu

Seven Psychopaths is the latest crime romp from In Bruges director Martin McDonagh. Starring the beetle browed Colin Farrell, as failed LA screen writer Marty, and Sam Rockwell as his hapless buddy Billy.

Marty gets sucked into a scheme by Billy and his partner in crime Hans, played by the crimetastic Christopher Walken, to steal and hold for ransom the prized Shih-Tzu of gangland psycho Charlie, played by Woody Harrelson. As you may imagine Charlie is non-too pleased that his prized pooch has been dog napped and responds with what might only be described as great vitriol.

Due for an American release on October 12 2012. The movie also features hilarious cameos by a bunny loving Tom Waits and precious star Gabourey Sidibe. While the glamorpuss quotinent goes off the scale with Abbie Cornish and the talented Olga Kurylenko.

The movies tagline They won’t take any Shih-Tzu gives an idea of the level of farce we are dealing with but with a cast this great it almost doesn’t matter what they do. Check out the trailer, and in case you haven’t seen Farrell in the marvelous In Bruges now is the time, this black European comedy is a Crimezine favorite.

True detective

No fedoras?—aw go on then.

Crimezine is pleased to report that True Detective is the new HBO-TV cop drama, starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. The first eight-episode season  of the new show was written by Nic Pizzolatto who also wrote for the AMC series The Killing.

Harrelson & Mc Conaughey star as detectives Martin Hart, (Harrelson) and Rust Cohle (McConaughey), whose paths cross while searching for a serial killer in Lousiana. The story arc kicks off in 1995 and concludes in 2012. So sadly no fedoras crime fans.

Subsequent seasons will feature new stories and characters, not unlike FX’s American Horror Story. Given the limited time commitment needed to film a season, creators hope that True Detective, like AHS, would  attract an array of major league stars for future seasons.

Crimeziners may remember that McConaughey and Harrelson also appeared in the movies Surfer, Dude and Welcome to Hollywood.

Rampart-Woody Harrelson-Crimezine


There is nothing Hollyweird loves better than bastardising historical events. Take Rampart for example. But first the historical context.

Rampart is a street, it is a neighborhood, it is a police district, It was also a scandal  in the 1990’s when widespread corruption was discovered in Los Angeles Police Department’s Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums team.(CRASH).

Officers from Rampart Division CRASH were implicated in widespread corruption, which included unprovoked shootings, beatings, drug dealing, and a wide raft of other crimes, including perjury and the covering up of evidence. More than 70 officers were implicated and three of those were found to be in the direct employ of Hip-Hop mogul “Suge” Knight of Death Row Records a convicted felon with ties to the infamous Bloods street gang.

The implications of the scandal were widespread. The cost to the City of Los Angeles $125 million in settlements.

Fast forward to the present day, and the Hollywood take on Rampart written by crime writing legend and Crimezine Favorite James “Devil Dog” Ellroy and Oren Moverman. The movie focuses on the Harrelson Character, an LAPD officer nicknamed ‘date rape’  who is investigated by Internal Affairs for the extra judicial killing of a serial rapist. The movie examines the officers disintegrating family life, including his ex’s played by Cynthia Nixon &  Anne Heche, and his children, particularly his elder daughter played by Brie Larson.

So rather than a blow by blow break down of the actual Rampart scandal, we get a movie that focuses on the family and the emotional vacuity of a damaged individual. Nothing wrong with that, in fact it is commendable that Moverman had the creative vision to tackle  emotive subject matter in such an original way.

Witness Moverman’s previous film with Harrelson 2009’s The Messanger to realise emotive is what he does best.

But please, give Crimeziners some credit Mr M. if we buy a steak dinner, we expect Meat Potatoes and Gravy. We do not expect it to contain 90% vegetables. In a similar way if we buy a film called Rampart, that purports to contain Devil Dog in the ingredients, we expect Verismilitude  and bad cops doing bad things like only bad cops can do, you dig?