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Tony Bulmer The Sex net

  1. Tony, I see no comments, and you gave no description of this novel. You need to give your audience more, especially with a provocative title like The Sex Net.

    • tonybulmer says:

      Thanks Keith.
      This is my forth novel. It is an LA based Crime romp similar to early Crais/Coben. Available in E reader format from Barnes and Nobel, Amazon and other leading stores.

      The Sex Net Synopsis
      When Danny Costello calls at Corin Cabrillo’s pad in the Hollywood Hills for a Jacuzzi and a Mai Tai, he walks in on murder. The flatmate Mimi is dead and the gorgeous Corin is missing.

      That’s when the goon in designer golf-clothes jumps him. Turns out he is Frank Rothstein, the mobster, for Christ’s sake. Now Frank may be small time, but his uncle Sol, is a Mafia Capo from back east. Sol might be eighty, but he is a stone cold killer, and ruthless with it.

      Corin and Mimi smuggle diamonds for the mob. But the diamonds have gone missing. $48 million is a lot of ice to lose and Frank is holding Danny responsible. He says he wants his diamonds back, or Danny is going to have problems, terminal problems. Trouble is, Danny doesn’t have the diamonds, so who does?

      Joe Russell is Danny’s business partner. The double date was his idea. He said Mimi and Corin were airhostesses, working a cabin crew gig out of LAX. Turns out Joe met the girls on the Internet. What do you expect from someone who got kicked out of the Los Angeles Angels for having too much testosterone?

      Meanwhile, the cops are on the case and a three hundred pound murder bull called. Ramirez and his sidekick Cullen from Robbery-Homicide are making connections. Ramirez is smart, but not that smart if he figures Danny is a killer.

      That’s when Danny runs into the boys from Juarez. They are working freelance for Frank in a bid to swindle Frank’s Uncle. They are as dumb as they are persistent and dangerous too. Complicated? You haven’t heard the half of it.

      Danny Costello finds himself in a tangled web of, murder and double-dealing that rapidly escalates to threaten his whole family. Who stole the Mafia’s diamonds? Who is responsible for the escalating body count? Will Danny be able to protect his family from the gun-toting kidnappers bent on destroying his business? Will the repercussions destroy him and the life he has worked so hard to build?

      Who is Danny Costello?
      Former Secret Service agent and close protection specialist Danny Costello has moved back to Los Angeles, California from Washington DC to start a personal protection business with life-long friend and former US Marine Joe Russell.
      Danny’s reputation as a presidential bodyguard ensures his new company Cobra Close Protection (CCP) a clientele of high profile business and celebrity clients.
      Trouble is, pressure of work leads to problems on the home front and Danny’s wife Kimberly has hooked up with a 27-year-old heir-head she met at the Bel-Air Country Club, forcing Danny to move into a Venice Beach apartment, with only his dog Max as company. Meanwhile Danny’s demanding and personable children Paris & Dakota get to see him Fridays, if they can fit him into their busy schedule that is.
      As for Danny’s aging Mom & Pop, they are none to happy about being looked after. So Danny spends more time pooch-sitting their nutso dog Chowsey, than he does with his folks—who are busy spending their pensions on a never-ending series of exotic cruises. Families. No wonder Danny is a workaholic.

      Who is Joe Russell?
      Former US Marine helicopter pilot Joe Russell is Danny’s partner. Joe has flown combat missions in every hell-ride combat zone you would care to name. He pensioned out of the service to go freelance, and that is something he doesn’t like to talk about, believe me. Joe is unconventional—a loose canon with a penchant for guns and explosives. He got kicked out of a career with the Los Angeles Angels for insubordination. Joe is an enthusiastic weapons specialist and inveterate womanizer, who lives on a boat in Marina Del Rey.

      Who is Inez Santos?
      Inez is the third figure in Cobra Close Protection. She brings her experience as a former US Marshall to the company. She has the dedication, smarts and education to run CCP by her self. Inez has the sense and fortitude to make the company succeed. She has a personal life too, but she is keeping that secret—for now at least.

  2. Steve Powell says:

    Sounds great Tony. Looking forward to reading it.


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