Steven Bochco, Death by Hollywood

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books, Crime Writers
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Steve Bochco anyone? Steve wrote for TV shows such as Ironside, Columbo and McMillan & Wife, before breaking into big time writing gigs on the shows LA Law,  Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue. He has Emmy Awards coming out of the proverbial Ying-yang, ten at last count, along with other writing gongs  from the Writers & Directors Guilds of America.

Crimezine Review of Death By Hollywood By Steven Bochco

Death By Hollywood

It was therefore something of a surprise to Crimezine when the great man decided to pen a crime thriller Death By Hollywood. The book is a blackly comedic thriller, concerning an on the ropes writer who happens to spy  a famous neighbor being beaten to death, with unexpected consequences.

The plot is similar in some respects to the Hitchcock film Rear Window, which for a man of Bochco’s cinematic means is surely no coincidence.

This is a smart, witty novel with juicy dialogue in an Elmore Leonard vein. The plot twists and double twists at a breakneck pace. This is the kind of book that is a single session read—it is that good.

But wait a minute! Death by Hollywood was released in 2003, Why no follow up? When you are as successful as Bochco why bother? One suspects that this novel, good as it is, was a bucket list tick off for the great man and at 67 years of age, he probably wants to take things easy. Who can blame him? Perhaps Crimeziners will have to wait until Bochco’s talented Director son Jesse shoots the movie. Death by Hollywood indeed.

Death by Hollywood: A Novel (2003). New York: Random House. ISBN 9781400061563.

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